Laura Tennill has many years of success and experience in training and showing miniature horses! A proven method of training and conditioning the horses along with an excellent feeding program has helped develop many world, national, and regional champions! The horses welfare and safety is always first and foremost! All horses do receive some turnout time as well to keep them mentally happy! Halter, both open and stock,driving and liberty are our specialties!
Amateurs and youth are always welcome! We have a great team!
We show both the AMHA and AMHR show circuits including Worlds and Nationals!

Halter Training - 410.00 includes working and conditioning, quality feed and hay, coat conditioner, stall, light turnout!

Boarding - 200.00 per month 

Horse show fees - 85.00 per show day covers handling, grooming, grooming supplies, lodging, food, and tack stall.

Body clip - 85.00

Mane and tail dye if needed - 25.00

Hauling - .50 per mile, minimum 35.00

Hoof trimming - 37.50

Worming- routinely done and charged at cost only

Photo shoot prep fee: I do this at no charge for handling as I want my clients to have some beautiful photos of their horses while in training here at Ten L Training Center! The only charge would be if they need to be clipped!

Vaccinations, coggins, health certificates, and any other vet expenses, equine dentistry, will be billed to the owners by the veterinarian or by Ten L.

Insurance: all owners of horses here at Ten L Training Center must obtain their own insurance on their horses here if they want them insured.

A 10 percent commission is charged on all horses sold by Laura Tennill.

Late Fees: a ten percent late fee will be incurred on all accounts over 30 days late. All customers accounts must be up to date to attend shows!

Trainer: Laura Tennill
Assistant trainer: Christy Dewitt